How To Extend Trial Versions

Any device or computer allows us to use what are known as trial versions or periods of applications and programs before we decide to purchase the product. Often, these trial periods last only a few days or weeks, limiting our ability to fully explore the product. We aim to provide a solution to this problem and guide you on extending trial versions.

How To Extend Trial Versions

How many times have we wanted to download software or an application and felt we didn’t have enough time to understand its functionality during the trial period? Probably many times. This uncertainty leaves us unconvinced if the program will actually work for us, prompting the search for other programs or solutions to extend the trial period.

Cracklock To Extend Trial Versions

One of the initial options to extend trial versions is Cracklock, a simple application allowing control over the trial period of certain programs.

The program modifies the system time of our trial program, extending its free execution. To use it, download Cracklock and follow these steps:

  1. After downloading Cracklock, double-click its icon and select “Add Program.”

  2. Choose the program you want to extend for free.

  3. A new window will open; here, configure the time-stop function:

    • Select a date to “freeze” the program.

    • Click “Keep Time/Date Constant.”

    • Click “Apply” and then “OK.”

Now, theoretically, you can use the program without worrying about its free trial duration.

RunAsDate To Extend Trial Versions

Another recommended option to extend trial versions is RunAsDate, a free application enabling extended trial periods for any program without payment.

Download RunAsDate, locate the executable file (usually ending with “.EXE”) of the trial program on your computer. Inside this file, you’ll find a date that you can change to extend the trial period.

Note: If you’re using AVG antivirus, some versions of RunAsDate might be flagged as a Trojan. This is a false alarm and is being addressed by the application’s site.

Time Stopper To Extend Trial Versions

Time Stopper is another program to freeze time, allowing the execution of desired software beyond the trial period.

Similar to RunAsDate, download Time Stopper, select the .exe file of the evaluation program, and indicate the expiration date. Limiting the extension to 1 or 2 days maximum is advisable for proper software functioning.

Extending Free Versions By Modifying System Date

If you’re averse to downloading applications to modify trial expiration dates, you can manually adjust your system date to extend the software’s usage time.

For instance, let’s say you download a program today, Wednesday, 5/12/2016, with an 8-day trial expiring on 12/12/2016. Here’s what you can do: Before downloading the program, change the system date to 6/12/2016. When the system sees the end date as 12/12/2016, it closes the program. Reset the system date to the current day, and if the system isn’t well implemented, it might provide a trial period of 733 days instead of the initial 8.


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