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From all the torrent sites that work, the 1337x is the most popular and is currently visited by millions of users. But, it keeps disconnecting. So if you just found out that 1337x is not opening then you can use the list of the best 1337x Proxy sites provided in the article.

Well, if we take a brief look at the torrent section, things don’t look bright at all. It all happened in 2016 when the founder of the popular torrent website KickAss Torrent was arrested due to illegal file sharing. Soon after that almost all major torrent sites have been closed like Extratorrent, Torrentz etc.

It is not that the torrent site does not exist today, but visiting torrent sites was not easy today. You need to use proxies or VPN software to access some of the most popular torrent sites like 1337x, The Pirate Bay, etc. Still, these sites go down very often due to pressure from the authority.

Of all the torrent sites that work, the 1337x is the most popular and is currently visited by millions of users. However, like other torrent sites, 1337x also goes offline more often. Not only that, but the popular torrent site of course 1337x has been blocked in multiple countries around the world.

So, in this article, we are going to share some of the best 1337x proxy sites that could lead you to the official website if banned in your region. So let’s explore all about 2019 1337x proxy sites.

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Why use proxy sites?

proxy sites

Well, if you are going to use proxy sites for the first time, then it is essential to know how proxies work. Proxies act as an intermediate server between you and the site you are about to visit.

These proxies send data to the websites that visit them on your behalf. That means the websites you are about to visit will never get to know the true IP address of yours.

Important: We do not support torrents websites or promote the download of copyrighted content. The sites listed below are for informational purposes only. Do not use them to download illegal or copyrighted content.

How to use the 1337x Proxy site list 2020?

Below we are going to share some of the 1337x mirror sites that can be used to visit the site when it is downloaded or prohibited in your region. So, before using these sites, be sure to access the website as you normally do.

If you cannot access the site, you can use these proxy site lists to visit the torrent website.

These are only the mirror websites that are used to unlock the 1337x. Another thing is that VPNs are much more secure than a proxy. So if you have VPN software, then use it instead of these mirror websites.

These mirror sites are full of ads and can ruin your browsing experience.

List of 1337X proxy sites 2020

Below is the list of 1337x proxy sites that are 100% working and that can help to unblock the website. It is worth noting that a proxy site may be blocked. So if you find the link doesn’t work, move to another one.

x1337x.ws — 1337x Proxy Working

1337x.is — 1337x Proxy

x1337x.eu — 1337x Proxy Official

1337x.st — 1337x Proxy Mirror

1337x.to — Working 1337x Proxy

x1337x.se — 1337x Proxy / Mirror

If you are one of those who still download series, movies and music with Torrent , you may sometimes find yourself wondering where to get the best content. The webs fall, return, suffer persecution …

Where do you find the best torrent? What are the best torrent pages in Spanish or that have versions in other languages ​​to which we can later add and download subtitles ?

1337x Alternative Sites:

We go with a selection of the best:



As encyclopedic as RARBG, with an impressive selection of music, series and movies. Its search engine is above the average for what is usually the search on torrent pages and it has a very complete anime and video game torrent section.

If until recently other websites were leading the torrent download, RARBG has earned the title of the best current website right now to find anything, especially series and movie torrents.

With an immense catalog, you will be able to find both premieres and some cinema classics that there is no way to watch streaming on any of the platforms. 4K, Blu-ray, remuxed, H.264.

And yes, also a huge selection of X cinema and adult movies.



The survival of the torrent pages in Spain has been very complicated. Don Torrent is one of those that survive and is still accessible, the best, with quick access, without much disgusting intrusive advertising and a complete selection if you’re interested in content in Spanish.



Torrentz2 has more than 60 million torrents thanks to its indexing function on other websites. If it turns out that you have downloaded a torrent but that file has no subtitles, but a similar one, Torrentz2 will be the place where you can find all the versions the fastest.



Classic among the classics, EZTV has always specialized in television, so it is the best place if you are interested in downloading a torrent of series or television programs of all kinds, especially if they are not very mainstream.

DIVX releases

DIVX releases

Like DonTorrent, but very focused on the premieres part, in addition to having Spanish versions of Spain or Latin Spanish. Unlike divxtotal, here you won’t find malware chasing you around every corner.