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Canvas UMN is a digital platform that helps instructors manage their course portfolios, deliver curriculum and assessment with ease, and make the most of their teaching experience. Discover the features of Canvas UMN Login Dashboard – which helps instructors easily manage courses, students, and assessments!

About University of Minnesota Student Portal

University of Minnesota student portal provides a one-stop shop for students to manage their academics, finances, campus life, and more. The dashboard includes customizable dashboards for courses, grades, and more. Instructors can create custom portals for their courses and make them available to students. And for those interested in exploring campus life, the portal includes a dashboard for clubs and organizations.

University of Minnesota Student Portal was created to help students manage academics, finances, campus life, and more. It allows professors to create custom portals to offer more information about their course. Students can access these portals through the University of Minnesota Student Portal dashboard. The portal is available at no charge to all students.

What is the Canvas UMN Login Dashboard?

The Canvas UMN Login Dashboard is a one-stop shop for accessing your UMN resources from anywhere in the world. With the dashboard, you can:

-Login to your UMN account click here
-View your courses and degree progress
-View your grades and transcripts
-Stay up to date on campus news and events

If you’re an instructor, you can also use the dashboard to manage your course materials and online student enrollment.

The benefits of the Canvas UMN Login Dashboard

The Canvas UMN Login Dashboard is a great way for instructors to keep track of their student account information and login status. The dashboard makes it easy to view all of a student’s information in one place, and it also helps instructors to manage their class schedules and grades. The dashboard is free to use, and it can be found at Link.

How to Set Up Your Dashboard

Canvas UMN Instructor’s blog section provides helpful tutorials on setting up your dashboard. This includes instructions on how to create and customize your user profile, create and manage courses, and more!

This blog section also includes helpful tutorials on how to setup your course dashboard.

Canvas Stendig is an app available at https://canvas.umn.edu/ that allows you to upload content directly into the Canvas UMN platform and make it available to students, instructors, and other users of the course management system. Via this app you can also import most common file formats including PDF, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office files, and more.


Welcome to the Canvas UMN Instructor login dashboard! This page provides you with all the necessary information to access your account and manage your courses. In addition, you can find helpful resources such as instructional videos and lesson materials.