Default WhatsApp no profile picture icon

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The default whatsapp no profile picture icon is a feature that allows users to easily switch between the standard photo and no profile photo when they are not on the chat.

The default WhatsApp profile picture icon is a round shape with four dots. It can be found in the top left corner of the screen when you open WhatsApp.

Whatsapp has a feature that allows its users to change the default profile picture. On iOS devices, the default icon is a blue camera, which can be changed to any other icon by long-pressing it. On Android devices, the default icon is an empty circle with a plus sign in it. There is no way to change this on these devices.

Why is profile picture not showing on WhatsApp?

You may be unable to see your profile picture on WhatsApp, this can happen for a variety of reasons. If you are not able to see your profile picture, here are some possible solutions: You may not have a profile picture set up. In case if you don’t have one, add one.

If your device is unable to load the file, you may need to change the setting on your device to be able to view it. For example, if you are using an Android phone and are unable to see your profile picture, try turning off data saver on your phone in order for it to be viewable.

Where is WhatsApp profile pic stored?

The location of the WhatsApp profile picture depends on your device. The default is to store the picture at the root directory of your storage. If you change your storage location, you will need to find the new location for it. On a mobile device, the location of the profile picture is found in the following path:/data/data/WhatsApp/.cache/com.whatsapp.android-0.3.0/media.

WhatsApp has recently released an update to their Android app that included a new feature. Users now have the ability to change their profile picture and avatar on WhatsApp through the “Settings” tab in the app. However, users are noticing that when they choose to use a default image from their gallery, the image doesn’t appear on WhatsApp and it instead shows a broken icon.

Why would someone want to hide their Whatsapp status?

People often use their Whatsapp status to share what is going on in their life. It can be a good way for people to connect with friends and family, or just a way to make them feel less alone.

But, if someone doesn’t want their status to be seen by others, they can type “Private” at the top of the screen before typing out what they want to share. This will make it so that only the person who sent the message can see it.

People are increasingly concerned about privacy and security on social media sites like Facebook and Whatsapp. They don’t want their personal information shared publicly without their permission.