What Is a WPA2 Password and Is It Necessary?

wpa2 password

WPA2 password is 2nd generation Wi-Fi protected Access. WPA2 passwords are employed to guard your Wi-Fi network at home from unauthorised access. Since its release in 2006, it has stood the test of time in terms of protection of networks.

When connecting to a WPA2-protected WiFi, you will need to create your WPA2 security code first. After connecting successfully your device will be able to access the internet for as long as it takes.

The WPA2 password and the wifi password are identical. But, it’s not similar to the password used to login to routers.

What Are The WPA2 Password Requirements?

WPA2 does not have password specifications. However, you can use the following combination:

  • Lower and uppercase letters
  • Numeric characters
  • Special keyboard characters

In addition You must also ensure that you are not using commonly used words. Don’t use anything as obvious as your name or street name. Indeed, any expert would advise you to choose an assortment of random characters for your password.

There are a few websites that tell us that the length of a password should be at minimum 16 characters is sufficient. Anything less than that could easily be hacked by hackers. Hackers employ computer-based tools to crack millions of passwords every minute. One way you can safeguard you WPA2 password is by increasing the chance of them not breaking it in time.

How Do I Find My WPA2 Password?

It’s typical to not remember your WPA2 password occasionally. It is a matter of having to need to enter it once on your new device , and it will be remembered for the rest of your life. It is possible to find your WPA2 password by either the router or one of the devices that are connected.

What Is A Good WPA2 Password?

A strong WPA2 password is much more difficult to crack in real time. Common words in the dictionary are simpler to crack and guess for an adversary. A secure password must be random and comprise of characters that are long enough to make it difficult to crack by computers.

To test the security of your password, make use of an online tool such as this password test tool. If your password is not strong enough, it could be time to change to a stronger WPA2 password. Keep in mind that, whether WPA2 or not any password can be cracked. It’s just dependent on the length of time it takes.

How Do I Set a WPA2 Password?

Typically, you will set your WPA2 password when you are setting up the router configuration. If you’ve used steps-by-step procedure and the router’s web page prompts you to enter the Wi-Fi name, and then your WPA2 password.

If you’re looking to change your password or create a new one, access your router’s settings page. Some routers allow changing passwords using a mobile application, as well. Be sure to use a secure WPA2password to ensure more secure Wi-Fi security.

Is WEP Safer Than WPA2?

In fact, WPA was released after WEP was cracked successfully in 1999. WPA2 is a better version of the initial WPA standard. WEP is completely unsuitable to use as an encryption system.

Most consumer devices still support WEP passwords. This is why router manufacturers have had a tough in removing support from WEP. In reality, only devices that were made in the past 5 or 6 years could have completely removed WEP support.

WEP does not use numbers as passwords, and is easily hacked in a matter of minutes. WPA2 is much more secure and less vulnerable to hacking than WEP. Most modern routers suggest the use of WPA2password protection to ensure security.

Is WPA2 Enterprise Better Than WPA2 Personal?

WPA2 corporate and WPA2 personal use identical encryption techniques. As the name implies, WPA2 enterprise is focused on enterprise-level businesses. Whereas WPA2 personal, on the other hand is designed at small and home businesses.

WPA2 personal provides the same password setup that can be used across all devices. The password is used on all devices and it will function in the event that the router has not been reset. It is also simpler to share the same password across all of your devices.

On the other side, WPA2 enterprise lets you add an additional level of protection for your device. An additional RADIUS server handles the passwords of every device on your network. The configuration of your network becomes more complicated but this means your devices are protected.

On WPA2 enterprise when a password gets compromised, only the device becomes vulnerable. Other devices are safe from hackers and have no problem getting access to the network. This is distinct from the personal WPA2password. It is recommended to change your password right away if your device is compromised.

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