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The Pear Deck Slides all about What is the Pear Deck Slides all about The Pearl Deck is a website that explains the process of how to log in to classes on for students who are new and just learning about this particular subject matter, or for students who had a few classes left of the subject matter, but have never seen how to log in before.

It is meant to be a complete introduction to the login process for students who are new or returning. Unlike other websites, this website has an interactive graphic that takes students through exactly what they need to do step-by-step and in sequence from beginning to end.

Tap on  the “Initiate a Peer-to-Peer Session” tab at the top of the app. You’ll see a form that looks similar to this:Tap on “Request Join Code.” Then tap text field and input your email address. Tap on “Submit.”The Pearpad will send an email to your email with the code.

What is joinpd Peardeck?

JoinPD is a product that allows people to connect to presentations, lectures and events in progress by using their unique code. JoinPD runs on Pear Deck, which will allow students and teachers to take online classes and collaborate in real-time.

Firstly, Teacher must make a presentation. Second, teacher must sign into their JoinPD account and send an email with the peardeck code to all students or anyone who wants to sign up at their respective places.

Create an account on Pear Deck Account

The next step is to register your deck. You can do this by going to the top of the page and clicking on “Register Deck”. This will allow you to create a new account and register your new deck. If you already have an account, then please log in before continuing with this guide.

If not, register now! Once you’ve created a new account, please follow the steps below:1) Create your profile on Pear Deck.2) Click on “My Deck”, then click “Register My Deck”. This will allow you to register your deck by following the instructions.

If you are using a Google account, click on the “Start New Presentation” button.- If you are using a Microsoft Office 365 account, click on the “Present Online” button.

  • Visit pear deck official website and click on the option to sign up as a teacher login.
  • Choose the account you wish to sign into.
  • When you give Pear Deck access to your Google Drive or OneDrive account, you’ll be asked to type in your account information. We do not collect identifying information about students.
  • To start using Pear Deck, click Authorize. You will be redirected to the Installed apps page and asked to give permission for Pear Deck. On this page, you will have to log in using your email and password.
  • Enter your postcode and the school. If you can’t find your institution in the dropdown menu, enter 5 numbers of a made-up address or postcode.
  • If you do not have access to the latest version of Google Slides and MS Office 365. Follow the instruction to activate the latest version.

How can I Join a Presentation? ( )

  • This allows them to watch and take part on their own time.
  • On the other hand, teachers may have the ability to limit what students do by controlling their available resources
  • The most well-known feature of JoinPD that teachers find most useful is the ability to block pupils from editing or changing their answers in order to track everyone’s progress who participates.

How do I Get Peardeck Sign-Up Code? code

In order to participate in an ongoing session, follow the steps below. You will require your login information to do this.

  • Put in the URL you want to go: Put in your email and a password for security (if you want).
  • Please enter the JoinPD presentation number “5 Digit Code” from your session
  • You could make an email address, to be sent the four days after enrollment and when users click ‘1 Day Left’ or ‘Last Chance’. The link will expire after 4 days.

Sign up to Peardeck Class Login code

Find out more about Joinpd.Com here by clicking below. If you’d like to sign in and get a Join Code, there’s an easy way to do this.

Download and install the JoinPD extension for Google SlidesInstall the JoinPD add-on for Google Slides.

You can sign up to join us right here!

  • Then go the official website.
  • When you reach the login page, you will need to type in your username and password
  • To log in, enter your password or email and click on ‘submit’. Your account login can be found on your dashboard.

Participate in Your Peardeck Participate in Class

Choose an instructor-led course! They’re great because you can just sit back and enjoy the view of the presentation on screen. Join instructions are automatically projected, so you don’t have to worry about taking notes or anything.

  • Join PD is an open-source platform that makes it easy to put your whole business into one system. To get started, just go to
  • The 5-character Pear Deck Code is a unique code you can find on your Pear Deck login page. This code is needed to log into the session on
  • Another option is to share the session link, which can be found by clicking Give Students the Link (see step 1 above). Students simply click this link in order to join your course. You can also see
  • The membership codes expire after 7 days;
  • Log in as an anonymous user or by using a Google or Microsoft account. You can also use a previously created avatar. The settings make it dependent on the login
  • If you use a student-paced activity and have access to the premium version, The Dashboard view is available.
  • Click the “Join” button in the upper right corner of your screen to get instructions on how to join at any time.
  • You may not notice it, but your students are actually engaged in more activities than you might think.


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